Tuesday, May 5, 2009


my first year in guam is coming to a close, or at least the college year. now is the time i start evaluating everything we've done. i have to look at all the notes from our events, rehash all the bible studies, and wrestle with every event or idea that didn't get a followup. this is a stressful time for me. i've always been a tough critic of my own work or ministry, so at times i can focus on all the unfinished or the "unsucessful", or the "not so attended."

But this year, this semester, will be different. i'm going to first celebrate the blessings. i'm going to purposefully praise and give thanksgiving first. the good things we've seen are from Jesus anyway, so before i get frustrated at myself or guam, i'll celebrate Jesus.

i'll let you know how it goes and the specifics as we go along.


jam kwon said...

probably will go well, I think.

-- I've been wanting more and more to do ministry with ya man. Let's make this topic in Japan.

-- by the way, we're going to Japan ****** ******


austin said...

oh yes we are my friend... oh yes we are. i honestly wanted this to be a topic of serious conversation as well. we're in agreement.

iseethemoon said...

i just found your blog. my parents lived in guam back in the early 80s . . . always have crazy stories from that time. hope you're well!

oh, and PS - the blog before this said you vowed to write more and then this last one was in May . . . its almost august . . . hmmmmmmmmm

- nat