Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter clothes

we got back from our trip to saipan this weekend. it went really well. i can't talk about details of the trip online because of international problems, but if you'd like to hear about it please give me a call. i loved it.

easter has of course steered most of my thinking toward the ressurection. because i'm the worst missionary ever, i missed the sunrise serivce here and thus missed church on easter sunday. easter sunday. the day everyone and their pets go to church and the college missionary misses. i'm rediculous.

but i've been thinking...

when peter went to the tomb what did he find? the grave clothes. i thought about this all day and didn't really have a reason. it was just stuck in my brain. and then i thought of Jesus telling lazerus to come out of the tomb where he was laying. Jesus tells the people to "unbind him." or literally, take the grave clothes off the man. i've been struck with the grave clothes the past week.

i wonder if many of us walk around with the grave clothes on. Paul tells us to "clothe yourselves with christ" and to "put on" such attributes as righteousness and gentleness and patience. what an intresting way to tell us how to live. we are to clothe ourselves with the life and way and heart of Jesus. some of us need to be unbound. we need to take off the grave clothes. we need to wear righteousness.

Jesus being alive should encourage us to be the same. don't just act alive. be alive. wear aliveness. don't just act compassionate. be compassionate. wear compassion like a coat. i know this may sound strange and its still being worked out in my brain, but its all i've been thinking about this easter.

enjoy your new easter clothes.

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